Friday, February 13, 2009

PROVING THE GP WRONG, and Surprising myself too

Just when I decide that I am now only going to weigh myself once a month, I went to the doctor yesterday ( the same doctor who told me that this lapband wouldnt work for me). Well I informed him that I had my band installed 2 weeks ago, and was pleased to anounce to him that I had lost 14kg. He was very happy with the loss, and is now looking forward to documenting my progress. Then as he got me on the scales. It showed that I have now infact lost 16kg.. Wooohoooo!!! I know all scales are different, give or take a kg or so, but it does make sense that I have lost, as I had another major bowel movement the night before. In any case, I love this band. But now I have to fight temptation to weight myself all the time again. LOL.. it's amazing all the places that have scales when you're out.

In the beginning, I was starting to wonder, why the hell did I get it??? Why not just try to put on my willpower cap, and go back to weight watchers.. But when making the decission for the band, I knew that even if i did get the willpower for a little while, I would only pile it all back on and more. This is for life. A longer healthier life.

Today was the day that i was going to start my exercising, however, with the heavy rain that is falling, it doesnt look like I will get to go out walking.. BUT, I'm not going to use that as an excuse.. I will find some other form of exercise to do inside. I just have to take it easy untill I see Doctor Bowden on Monday.


Bel said...

Wow, you are going great guns!

I am stuck at 96kg. Not sure why, and I'm not worried at all. I know as soon as I can start exercise it will start to move again.

How great that you got to stick it to that Dr! You keep proving him wrong, OK!

Thanks for your txt last night. I only just read it. Yesterday was alright. I was very tired and am glad that I am easing myself back into it. I was in bed at 8.00pm last night and had the best night sleep. Hopefully I won't be as tired tonight.

I'll give you a call on Sunday!


Nola said...

Hi, found you via a comment you left on Bel's blog. Sounds like you are going great guns!! This is the best thing I think any of us could do. I love that you whopped it up that doctor...showed him!!
Your children are beautiful by the way:)