Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well today is the day I WILL start my exercise.. I told myself the other day that I was going to do some, but I didnt. So, I'm going to kick my own ass, and get on with it.
Yesterday was Valentines Day, would have been a nice day for a stroll somewhere nice, but the rain didnt permit. So today we are venturing off to see the new jetty at Woody Point. Usually, we get in the car, and go for a drive somewhere, but not today. I want us all to start doing more physical activities on a week end. I know the kids will love it, they can take their scooters or bikes.
I am really beginning to enjoy food now. Not scoffingly the way I used to, but really enjoy the flavours and qualities. Yesterday, I went to the local Noodle Box shop and ordered a Satay Chicken and Vegetable, minus the noodles. It was beautiful. It also made me laugh to see that I was full so quickly, when once upon a time I could polish off a whole serve of it, plus a serve of thier Special Fried Rice. And their serves are big. But all in all, now I'm only cheap to feed, and can get at least 4 meals out of one serve. I no longer blend my food, and it is filling me better.
I have decided what my first mini goal is going to be - I am going to get my hair cut when I have hit the 20kg loss mark. So only 4kg to go..
This week I want to go and find a nice bowl and plate for me to use, as I have been using my kids bright plastic IKEA ones. Wouldn't be a good look when we have visitors. Although I have told just about everyone about the band, there are my husbands friends who visit from time to time from interstate and I dont want to go into it with them. So I guess, even if I find a dinner set with some small bowls, that will do.
As for this band, I now feel physically like I dont have one. My port incision is now pain free, and all tightness or discomfort is gone. All that is there to remind me is when showering, I can feel the incision scars are slightly raised. Oh and of course I get full quicker too.
Well I best get up and get myself organised for our adventure today. Will take some piccies to post up.

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