Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Handsome Boy

Here is Montel, nice and clean, just before he went down the ramp ont the beach to get completely covered in mud. One bonus was, at least he can now ride the skim board properly. One downside... now he wants us to go to the beach every hour of every day.

Princess Ayisha At The Beach..

This was taken this last week end. Having a wild and wooly hair day. Gotta love it.


Here is a pic of the Vege Bake I made today.. It was sooo yum.. I am taking advantage of this mushy stage. However I did use light cream instead of full fat. And only half the cheese that was needed, which was also lite cheese. I used Potato, sweet potato, cabbage, carrot, bacon and onion. No one in my family eats this, so I guess I'll be taking some to my parents place for them to eat. I need to get used to making small portions of things.. Before the band, I would have easily have eaten most of this dish, if not all of it. Now is just a little scoop from the corner.

Out with the Old, and in with the errrrr.. not so new...

You may be looking at this heading, thinking.. WHAT is she on about?? Well it all started with this morning, another freakin morning of trying to find something to wear.. I have several pairs of the nice comfy stretchy Undercover Wear Black pants. So I wear a pair almost every day, but as for tops, well the top situation is really beginning to shit me off.. Alot of my old tops, pre surgery tops, fit me very loosely and tend to make me look like I am still 16kg heavier than what I am now.. Now if you're like me, you want to emphasise where it is that you have shrunk.. LOL... So back to the story, ... each morning, I will get out the shower, put my underwear and black pants on and try on top after top on, only to rip it off and go back to the first one I tried on... Still not feeling real impressed. However, this morning after finding a box of my old clothes, alot of the ones that you keep in the hope of it fitting you one day... Well in that box was a nice melon coloured top that never used to even come close to getting it down over my arms, let alone over my hips and body.. BUT with a little hesitation I held it up to my body, checking to see how long it would be before I could squeeze it on, when a realization hit me... It seems to fit across me quite well, why not try it on.. And with that, a new member of my wardrobe was born... Yeehaaa... It's even better because I didnt have to go out and buy it, it was mine all along.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Old Pic

This pic was taken in at a function in Sydney, about 2 years ago. At the time I was just starting Weight Watchers, and weighed about 142kg.. Look at the spray tan... LMAO.. Paris Hilton and her clique would be envious.. Orangutan Orange.. YUK..

Monday, February 16, 2009


Well yesterday I had my first painfull experience with the band (since having it installed of course). I made myself a lovely mustard and mixed herb vegetable bake, with low fat cheese melted on top.. It was heavenly, however I think I may have laid down too soon after the meal, as when I sat up, I felt so tight where my band is, that it kind of felt like I had been punched or like the band was giving my stomach a chinese burn.. or... like I had swallowed something hot that hadn't gone down the right way.

So I quickly got online and checked out the site and tried to do a self diagnosis. The pain then subsided after about 40 minutes. THANK GOD!!!

So today was my first post op appointment with Dr. Bowden. he asked a bunch of questions, and I told him that I feel fantastic apart from yesterdays episode and he said that if the food was soft enough, perhaps it was because I laid down too soon after eating. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Anyway Dr Bowden said that I can start normal foods as from next week end. I am so looking forward to it. I think when I can do that I will stop snacking on naughty foods simply because they are soft enough to go down.

I also got my first compliment from a customer today.. she walked in and said "You look fantastic, like you've lost 20kg or something". I laughed and said 16kg to be exact.. LOL.. It certainly feels good to hear.

I do find myself thinking about food all too much though.. I guess it is really just because of the aromas of food and the fact that my kids graze all day long. I also dont know why I have gotten into some serious baking these days.. I have made several batches of muffins and some mock chicken scrolls, and some nutella scrolls. YUM YUM YUM! Sometimes I just want to taste my handiwork, so I have a bite then chew for a bit, before spitting it in the rubbish.. Shocking huh. But it keeps me feeling like I have had one. I will try to break this habbit.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I thought I would post a picture up of my beautiful flowers, received by my bosses/friends, Randa and Rodrigues. Two very lovely, caring and supportive people.