Friday, February 15, 2008

7th Weigh In

Went for my 7th weigh in last night, which really means that I have been on WW for 6 weeks now. I lost another .6 of a kg. Which is a healthy amount to lose, but in my heart it doesn't feel like it's enough. So now my weightloss total is 5.7kg. Which brings me down to 131.7kgs. I'm getting down slowly but surely. I just need to be a little stricter on myself and stop picking at the kids left overs and things like that... This weeks challenge is to drink more water and slow up on the pepsi max. It may be a points total of 0, but apparently the caffene can slow down the metabolism.. Can't have that happening.

Anyway, Kirsten did my nails and gave me a spray tan, and I'm loving it.. Makes me feel nice. I am anxious to go out and buy myself something nice to wear, but I am not going to untill I have lost another 4.3kgs.. Then, I can reward myself for a loss of 10kg by wearing something nice. However I am discovering that I am fitting into alot more clothes that have been hidden in the depths of my wardrobe since the last time I could wear them, so thats a bonus.. for now..


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