Monday, February 16, 2009


Well yesterday I had my first painfull experience with the band (since having it installed of course). I made myself a lovely mustard and mixed herb vegetable bake, with low fat cheese melted on top.. It was heavenly, however I think I may have laid down too soon after the meal, as when I sat up, I felt so tight where my band is, that it kind of felt like I had been punched or like the band was giving my stomach a chinese burn.. or... like I had swallowed something hot that hadn't gone down the right way.

So I quickly got online and checked out the site and tried to do a self diagnosis. The pain then subsided after about 40 minutes. THANK GOD!!!

So today was my first post op appointment with Dr. Bowden. he asked a bunch of questions, and I told him that I feel fantastic apart from yesterdays episode and he said that if the food was soft enough, perhaps it was because I laid down too soon after eating. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Anyway Dr Bowden said that I can start normal foods as from next week end. I am so looking forward to it. I think when I can do that I will stop snacking on naughty foods simply because they are soft enough to go down.

I also got my first compliment from a customer today.. she walked in and said "You look fantastic, like you've lost 20kg or something". I laughed and said 16kg to be exact.. LOL.. It certainly feels good to hear.

I do find myself thinking about food all too much though.. I guess it is really just because of the aromas of food and the fact that my kids graze all day long. I also dont know why I have gotten into some serious baking these days.. I have made several batches of muffins and some mock chicken scrolls, and some nutella scrolls. YUM YUM YUM! Sometimes I just want to taste my handiwork, so I have a bite then chew for a bit, before spitting it in the rubbish.. Shocking huh. But it keeps me feeling like I have had one. I will try to break this habbit.


Shaggs said...

Oh Nene! I got on to read to some peoples blog to distract myself from what I've been doing and I cant believe I read what I read on yours! Its exactly what I wanted to hear! That yes, people do chew and spit just to feel like you've eaten the desired food! I've done it once a day for the past three days and man has it kept me sane!!! I have an optishake and I very carefully chew a big beautiful mouthful of whatever it is (so far pizza, toast and a calamari ring) and then I spit it out and have a drink of shake! So it tastes and feels great and I'm full! I dont know whether its the feverish chewing or the giggling while I drink but it gives me bad wind but its all worth it! I make sure I dont get distracted and swallow - that would be murder right now I know. Other people have admitted to it also. I think it is such a sanity saver and no one else can judge unless they've been through this too. I love it and I'm sure we wont do it when we can eat "normally". thank you for sharing! Oh and the chest pain and stuck feeling I have most of the time seems to go when I thump myself in the chest or squeeze in my shoulders and chest - give it a try next time! Oh and I want the recipe for you vegie bake sounds yum!

Bel said...

So great to chat this morning!!!!

I am so dreading my first PB or food getting stuck. Did you have much of the melted cheese? Of so I'd be careful with that. I had a very small serve of potato bake the other night and there was a chunk of melted cheese within it. I chewed and chewed and it just wasn't breaking down so I spat it out. Didn't want to risk a PB.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing less of you in a couple of weeks.

Here's the blog I was telling you about. All of her PCOS symptoms are gone and she's just had a bub. My hero!!!!