Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well as from this morning, it is starting to get alot easier to get up from the couch, out of bed, in and out of the car and so forth. I still wont try to pick up my daughter or do anything strenuous that could cause pain of strain on my incisions though. I dont feel quite as tight across my lower cleavage area anymore either. So I am starting to feel human again. Thank god!!!!!!!

I just had a call from Dr Jenny Coatts from Dr Bowdens office, just to check up and see how I'm going, which I thought was quite nice. I told her all was good, she asked if I have any questions, and as usual, couldnt think of any on the spot. LOL... give me an hour or two and I will think of a whole list of questions.

I am anxious to know how much more weight I have lost since the operation. Having lost 8kg in the first 2 weeks on optifast prior to the op, it may have slowed down. But any loss is a good loss.
I still havent made a bowel movement since my op, so I may go and see the chemist and see what they can offer me.

This morning, I think I tried on every single top in my wardrobe, and was trying to find one that fits nicely to the weight that I have lost so far. It seems it wont be long before I have to invest in just a top or two. LOL.. it can be my reward for losing the first 10kg. Its not like I can reward myself with a nice lunch out or something ridiculously fattening.

Once I am feeling a little more energetic, I am going to get into the back garden and give it a make over. I've never been into gardening, but as it is a time for new beginnings, its time to change hobbies that are usually ones that involve sitting on my backside, to more active ones. Even as I sit here and look out at the soccer field accross the street, I am anxious to get over there and walk a few laps of it. Buuut, I think it will have to wait about another week. I cant overdo things yet.

I also noticed when I got up this morning, that I no longer hobble with pain when I get out of bed of a morning. I used to try to mask it in front of hubby, coz I didnt want him to realise the severity of the pressure my weight was putting on my feet, knees and ankles. Its a great change.

Well I got a few DVDs to watch today, as I have just dropped Ayisha to daycare and Montel is at school. Finally peace and quiet.. Well that is untill mum and dad get here to finish off my ensuite.



Bel said...

Thanks for the call yesterday. It was great to hear from you!

It seems we are recovering at the same rate which is good.

Dr Jenny called me also this morning. I too thought it was nice!

I had my first bowel movement yesterday. Have you been using Benefibre??? I picked up some yesterday and have been having a teaspoon in two of my shakes. I think we were suppose to take it from the beginning.

It is great that you are starting to notice changes. I'm sure we both will be buying new clothes before we know it.

Talk soon,

Tammy said...

Hi Nene,I am a 31yr old,married mum of 4 and was banded last year on 30th june.I would recommend using Benefibre as well because without it the bowel movements become alot harder (well that is what i found) after being banded.I also take a berrocca each morning for vitamins.Anyway after reading your blog i think you may live near me.I live in Deception Bay and quite often shop at both Kippa-ring and North lakes.Okay well keep up the good work and i am sure it will not be long before you are out shopping for new clothes,Cheers

NENE said...

Hi Tammy,
I live in Clontarf. Thanks for your advice. I might need to step up the benifibre I think.. One week today and still no movement.

Did you go to school locally? I went to Clontarf High.