Sunday, February 1, 2009


Foul breath, dry mouth, restless sleep.. these are just a few of the lovely things I am going though. I keep getting these hiccup type burp things that dont quite come to anything, but they bloody hurt. I have also developed a dry cough, I try to put a pillow on my tummy when I cough, but it doesnt do a real lot of good. I aslo vomited on my way home from hospital.. It hurt like hell. But it was only liquids.

Today, on the 3rd morning since my op, I actually felt a little hungry. I got straight up and made up half a sachet of optifast. I know I wouldnt be able to drink a whole one, and I'm not about to waste a whole sachet. I did well and drank about 1/3 glass, but then was full. I also made up a glass of supradyn vitamin, and have sipped it all throughout the day, in hope that it aids in my recovery. My kids were eating cheezles and the smell of them really got to me. So I got one out of the packet and I licked it.. LMAO... crazy huh. more like shocking.
For lunch I made up a cup of chicken suimin noodles and got a tea strainer and poured the soup part into a coffee mug. So I sipped on the chicken flavoured water for lunch. It was nice and flavourfull. I think I might venture a little more and have a cup of tea this evening.

I am looking forward to the puree stage.. I am hanging to eat some scrambled eggs.

Well that all from me now. Got a sore back from hunching over.

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Bel said...

LMAO at you licking a cheezel! At least you didn't eat it.

I also have the burping feeling. I'd say it's just the gas escaping.